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WATERBORN Outdoor Filtration System, The Most Eco-Friendly & Durable

WATERBORN Outdoor Filtration System

Model: PS-10
Retail Price: RM2680

The most eco-friendly & durable.
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WATERBORN ™ Outdoor Filtration System uses high quality Sitron as its filter media, its large filtration surface area (34,580cm²) allows you to have clean water supply without affecting your water supply pressure. Apart from this, it also allows reduced frequency of backwash, which lets you save time while being environmentally friendly and reduces water wastage, it is a perfect outdoor water filtration system.

The steel body is fabricated using typical austenitic stainless steel (JIS SS304 2B & SS304 BA) which is widely used in kitchen utensils, containers, tanks, etc. With this life time warranty, you will no longer have to worry about the filter vessel body cracking problem anymore.

WATERBORN Multiport Valve uses superior typical austenitic stainless steel (JIS SS2B304) which protect against ultra violet, long lasting, most robust and well designed. The gate valve is composed of two opposite ceramic plates with high hardness (HRA=85°) and accurate milipores (pore size = 0.0003mm/0.3?m). While adjusting the counter angles by rotating the two plates will achieve the running, reverse flushing, front washing effects of the equipped water treatment system.

The benefits of WATERBORN™:

  • Latest Sitron Technology, eco-friendly & hassle-free, is the best choice for the busy people
  • Make the household water to have better quality and more healthy
  • Alleviate skin allergic, reduce loss hair problem
  • Reduce acne, blackheads, pimples problem
  • Improve mouth oral or gums problem
  • No need to worry about soiled laundry
  • Wash your clothes and make them cleaner
  • Extend drinking filter life span
  • Reduce laundry machine, water heater broken
  • Cleaner pets

WATERBORN 4 Unique Points

  1. Cleanliness & Water Clarity:
    Up to 10 times cleaner than traditional sand filters.
  2. Economical:
    Less frequent backwash (once every few months) compared to traditional sand filters (once a week) effectively saves water and is environmentally friendly.
  3. Stainless Steel Housing:
    Uses typical austenitic JLS SS2B304 high quality stainless steel and comes with lifetime warranty without being concerned about leakages or cracks.
  4. SITRON Media:
    Large surface area(34,580cm²), made from PPS(Polyphenylene sulfide) are heat, acid & alkaline resistant, making it long lasting – reducing the need for frequent replacement.

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